Mustang Furniture from your parts car!

How about making classic mustang Furniture from your rusting parts car sitting in the backyard. Recently we bought an abandoned 66 coupe for the 289. After pulling the engine we didn't know what to do with the extra parts. Then my son and I got the idea that mustang furniture would look great in our basement. The result was a unique couch fabricated from the back end and back seat. We also built a beer/drink storage holder from the front end. These items always get a reaction when drinking a few in the basement.


The process for making the Furniture was not difficult.

Step One: Find a old mustang and cut the front and back ends off.

..... and a loving wife that will let you keep a junk car in the backyard for a few months! (I had to pay her off with jewelry)

Step Two: prep the parts for painting.

Step Three: After prepping, apply the paint.

Step Four: Assembly.

Finally: Pulling the 289 engine and tranny for use with our restored classic. What fun to get your hands dirty!

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