Shelby LeMans Racing Stripes
Step One: Planning & Preparation


It's A Simple Three Step Process........

Step One: Planning and Preparation

Step Two: Measurement and Step up

Step Three: Decal Application and Trim

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Step One - Planning & Surface Preparation

Don't skimp on this step. It is the most important one. How well you prepare the surface for the decal will have an impact on several items. These include:

1. Adhesion of the decal to the paint service.

2. Dirt and paint/body imperfections showing through the decal.

Planning- Decide where you will be putting your decal. Remove any chrome or other decorative parts that are in the path of the decal. In the case of the Le Mons Rally Stripe, it is best to remove the back bumper to ensure that the rear stripe fits.

Clean the area thoroughly. A clean surface is critical for a nice long lasting and clean look. Fill in any body imperfections as the decal will amplify the imperfections.

Any wax build up must be removed prior to installing any decals. A solution of 1 part alcohol, and 8 parts Windex works great for this purpose and also cleans paint surfaces at the same time.