Tichenal Deed from 1796

This is a bill of sale deed from 1796 to Moses Tichenal. Moses was the first Tichenor to change his name and start a new linage. Prior to moving to Virigina Moses always spelled his name Tichenor. Also note that Moses was spelled with the German ff on this deed. Since the deed was written by a scribe it is impossible to know if Mosses spelled it this way or just the way the scribe choose to spell it based on his training. Since this deed is not the orgnial with signatures but a copy written by a county scribe when the deed was filed at the county court we don't know how Mosses signed his name. We know he could write his name because no mark is indicated by the scribe. Compare this to Moses' wife who could not write her name and had to leave her mark as shown by the scribe's comment.

The language of this bill of sale is very interesting in that it describes the land as " Lying and being in the county of hampshire on the waters of the North Branch of the Potosmack in the Allegany Mountains and bouned as followeth. Beginning at a red oak on the East side of the pine swamp run near the mouth and running south twenty five degrees west one hundred and eighty poles crossing the said run to a sugar tree and liven thence North sixity five degrees west forty six poles to a Ironwood tree and Chestnut oak on a hill Thence North Thirty two degrees West Three Hundred Poles to a Pine Standing on the East side of the North Branch of the Potowmack thence down the meanders there North sixty five degree East sixteen poles south sixty five degrees east fifty six poles south fifty degrees East Eighty Poles to a spruce pine thence leaving the river south seventy five and a half degrees East one hundred and fifty two Poles to the beginnings bounteries one hundred and eighty acres and being the same tha was granted to the said Moses Tichenal by deed from his Excellancy the Governor bearing the date 31th day of July 1796.........

Frontier directions were NOT easy to understand! I wonder if anyone could find this spot today?