Historical Artifacts and Collections

Historical Artifacts and Collections section of Titchenal.com is devoted to displaying historical documents and items related to Titchenals and Tichenors.

Founding of Newark, NJ by Puritans

This drawing depicts the landing of the 30 families in Newark NJ in 1666. They came from New Haven CT. Martin Tichenor and his family were members of the group of Puritans that founded Newark. . The woodcut "The landing at Newark in May 1666" was first published in the History of Newark 1878, by Joseph Atkinson. The caption under the woodcut drawing says "According to tradition, the first of the Milfordites to set foot on Newark shore was Elizabeth Swaine, a fair young girl in her nineteenth year, daughter of Caption Swmuel Swaine, and the affianed bride of Josiah Ward, whose gallantry secured for her the honor of the first landing" More >>


Early Newark Map

Founder Map of Newark as first published in the History of Newark 1878, by Joseph Atkinson. Lot 35 belonged to Martin Tichenor and lot 17 was given to Daniel Tichenor, Martin son. It is interesting to note that Daniel decided to obtain land next to his Father and Brother in-laws the Bauldwins, rather than this father. The map show the layout of the new town of Newark. More



Tichenor Deed from 1779

Moses Tichenor was the great grand son of Martin Tichenor. He moved from the Newark area to Virginia in 1779. We have a copy of the deed for the property he purchased in Hampshire County Virginia. The deed contents has been transcribed here. The language of this bill of sale is very interesting in that it describes the land as " Lying and being in the county of hampshire on the waters of the North Branch of the Potosmack in the Allegany Mountains and bouned as followeth. Beginning at a red oak on the East side of the pine swamp run near the month.... More



Fort Smith Lithograph & Family History

This is a lithograph from 1859 showing Fort Smith Arkansas. Fort Smith is an important historical location for Titchenals. John R. Titchenal moved here in 1823 as a pioneer blacksmith. He was also engaged in raising live stock. His homestead was located just outside of the existing fort which was build around 1817. More


Early Santa Anna Town Woodcut

This is a Santa Ana Newspaper Woodcut from 1901. This early woodcut shows main street Santa Anna California as it appeared in 1887, about 18 years after my Great-Great Grand Father William H. Titchenal purchased the first lot in Santa Ana in 1869. More