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The Context of History

I realized that my desire to understand the characteristics and personalties of our ancestors and tell a story about the lives and times of the Titchenal line could not be realized unless our ancestors (both mother and father) could be placed into historical events. Nor could The Titchenal Saga be written or be complete until it included information on all our the lines back to Martin Tichenor (Tichnell) and his wife Mary Charles in 1644.

I soon found trying to tie our family into the history of America and learn something about their personal lives necessitated looking for and reading the history of each local town or village where my ancestors lived. This was very difficult and time consuming. But the work was satisfying and expanded my thoughts and understanding of American History.

The interest expressed by several of our ancestors in the Masonic movement in America caused me to include an explanation of the Masonic movement in the book. All of this reading only increased my determination to add as much as possible to the Titchenal Saga.

It has been very difficult to know where to stop. In fact during the last few months, cousins that I have been out of touch with for many years have written to tell many new stories, some of which I have added, but if the Saga is ever to be published, stop I must. I hope my readers are not disappointed, or find the written information and conclusions; contrived, lengthy or boring

I have noted within the text of the Saga, each of the various history reference books and local village promotional pamphlets used. Many of the photos and sketches are from the same sources The sketches of Santa Ana in 1877 and obituaries are from old newspapers and the family Bible saved by my grandmother Alice Titchenal and my mother Dora Titchenal.

Most of the locations, dates and etc., I used in this Saga came from Harold Tichenor's book. As he made extensive notations of where the information was obtained, I did not include notes about my reference information unless it was different or from other sources. I have tried to be as accurate as possible with the dates, names and information included in the story, but if you note errors please let me know.

William Strass and Neil Howe in their book, "Generations" posit the history of America as a succession of generational biographies, beginning in 1584 and encompassing everyone through the children of today. their theory holds that each generation belongs to one of four types, and these types repeat sequentially in a fixed pattern. This vision suggests one can plot a recurring cycle in American history--a cycle of spiritual awaking and secular crises--from the founding colonials through the present day and into the millennium.

It is not the purpose of this saga about the Titchenal family during the same generational periods to prove or disprove their theory. It is however, interesting to use their profile of each generation in America and compare it with the actions of our ancestors of the same generation. Strass and Howe's brief, but complete, outline of each particular period of American history. permitted me to provide myself and the reader historical background useful to project ourselves into the time period of each ancestor.

In as much as none of our ancestors left journals or letters to provide us with information about what they thought or why they took a specific action, it was necessary to use the book generations along with other history books to provide background period information to speculate about each ancestor.

Last but not least, I am grateful for the understanding, encouragement, help and support given to me by my wife Mary, my sons Stephen, Douglas and Jeffrey, and the drawings made by my brother, Charles Donald, while I was writing this saga. In particular I appreciate the editing help given by my daughter-in-law Aynn (Kilburger) Titchenal.

In spite of Aynn's many hours of editing, I have added last minute changes, even chapters which have not been edited, so I must take full responsibility for the final editing of this book.

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