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More Acknowledgements

Much of the genealogy information I used for this story came from work or help others have given me while tracing our ancestry. Neither this story or The Gold Under the Sycamore Tree, a previous story about my great grandfather, William Henry Titchenal and his father, John Titchenal and his mother Rebecca (Harbert) Titchenal and their lives and travels could have been written without their help.

It was "The Brief History of the Titchenal Family" written by one of John Jackson Titchenal's grandsons, David L. Titchenal Jr. and the basic initial research on our family he completed as part of his college work in the 1940s that first aroused my interest in the family history.

Later in 1970 I met Timothy Haidlen, of San Francisco through genealogy correspondence. Timothy, the great grandson of David Dickason Titchenal and the great great grandson of William H. Titchenal was a tireless researcher of Titchenal genealogy and his help was invaluable. He worked on our line for over thirty years. He not only traced the Titchenal line, but also the genealogies of many of the wifes and mothers of the male Titchenals. In particular he found information on the Buckalew line, the Dickason and the Harbert line.

Sadly, both men died unexpectedly around 1991, Timothy as a young man. I want to credit and honor both of them posthumously.

Tim and I had been corresponding before and after I wrote the Gold under the Sycamore Tree. Tim knew I was collecting information to write this story and wanted to help. Before Tim died he thoughtfully picked out some of his files that he knew would interest me and requested that his mother send them to me after his death.

These files were influential in my making new contacts with other genealogists researching the Harbert and Dickasons lines. Rebecca Harbert was the mother of William Titchenal and a major part of the events that took place in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Urbana, Ohio and Harrison County Virginia. The Harbert and Dickason family history filled in some very important and interesting details of William and Sarah Titchenal's life. I am particularly grateful to Mrs. Arlene Queen of Fort Nutter, West Virginia for her help in tracing the Harbert information.

In 1988, Harold Tichenor completed the "Tichenor Families in America". This professionally prepared genealogy book covered all of the Tichenor line in America. He gathered information from many sources over many years. The book is very complete and summarizes the complete line of Tichenors, Tichnells, Titchenell and Titchenals, from Martin Tichenor in 1644 to my children today. His book is so complete that any further genealogy of this family would almost be redundant. Harold included a few biographical sketches of some of the Titchenal ancestors. But for the most part stayed with pure factual genealogy statistics.

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