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Connecting Titchenal to Tichenor

In 1967 when I moved to Cleveland, Ohio, I checked the Western Reserve Historical Library files and found a David Tichanal (not the same spelling but close) had filed an application for a pension as a Revolutionary soldier from Virginia. I sent for a copy of the application and decided to take a vacation trip to Clarksburg. WV. to see if I could locate Moses or David and see if Tichanal was connected to Titchenal in any way. I never found a David Tichanal in Clarksburg , but I did locate a Moses Tichenall in the Virginia land records..

Later when I received the copy of David Tichanal's application, much to my surprise, Learned that David started his application by writing that he was born in Morristown, New Jersey in 1763 and had moved to Virginia with his father, Moses Tichenall about 1780. He had been in the Virginia militia three times. This changed my concept of our ancestry. I had never knew about David and thought Moses came from Virginia.

When I quickly checked the Morristown, New Jersey records, I found a Moses Tichenor, but no Titchenals. There are many Tichenors still living in New Jersey and many had traced their ancestors back to Martin Tichenor in 1644 in New Haven.

All I needed to do was find a connection between Moses and Martin. This turned out to be easy, as I also found the name Tim Haidlen in a genealogy magazine. Tim was living in California, searching for information on the Titchenals. Tim turned out to be a distant cousin, the great, great, grandson of William Titchenal and had already made the connection.

After several years of correspondence with Tim, about 1974, my sons, Douglas and Jeff, made a trip to California via Fort Smith, Arkansas where they made contact with another distance cousin, John Luce, who was born in Fort Smith and a descendant of John Titchenal. John Luce added a lot of information about Titchenal life in Arkansas.

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