The Rivers Run West

by Oliver Ray Titchenal

edited and converted to Web format by Titchenal family members

225 years of travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific
New Haven, Connecticut in 1644 to Santa Ana, California in 1869

"History is not something that was.
History is with us and in us"
Yuri Tritonov

Chapter 1 - The End and Beginning
PDF version

Chapter 2 - The Titchenals in Morristown, New Jersey

Chapter 3 - The Move to Virginia

Chapter 4 - The Moses Titchenal Family along the Potomac River
Allegany [now Garret] County, Maryland and Hampshire County, Virginia
From 1780 to 1800.

Chapter 5 - Moses' Entrepreneur Days and Death in Maryland

Chapter 6 - David Tichenal and family move to Harrison County, Virginia and meet the Harbert family (1.5 MB - long download)

Chapter 7 - John Titchenal and Rebecca Harbert leave for Missouri & Arkansas

Chapter 8 - Wilderness and a City, John dies young, Rebecca and brothers sue their Mother, William visits Ohio

Chapter 9 - 1839 in Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio and the Dickason and Harbert families

Chapter 10 - The Dickason Family

Chapter 11 - Return to Fort Smith pictures

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