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Footnotes for Chapter One

(1) The Family Tradition for many years was that; "Two Titchenal brothers left Alsace and settled in Jamestown in the year 1620. Their ancestors belonged to the reigning house of Alsace when that small country was a principality in it's own right." This story was perpetrated by the David J. Titchenal family that migrated to Washington State from Missouri in 1882. In fact they claimed they had papers to prove it. (Unfortunately the papers are lost today.) However, it is documented that David J. Titchenal is the son of Andrew Jackson Titchenal (born in Allegany Co., Maryland, moved to Harrison Co., (W) Virginia in 1810 with his father David, then Andrew left for Wheeling (W) Virginia in 1827 the to Alton Ill. before 1836. In Fact David J. Titchenal is a 1st cousin of William Titchenal.

It is unlikely the story is factual, however except for settling in Connecticut instead of Virginia first, some of the story seems to fit with the Titchenal family tradition that the family came from Alsace -Lorraine early in the 1600s. Dutch-Flemish area is close to Alsace-Lorraine, whose borders have varied over the years. Spellings of similar names on British records in the 1500 &1600s were Tichenor, Tickenor, Titchenall, Tychenall, Tickner, Ticknor and Ticknell.

There is a record of a William Ticknor in Scituate, Massachusetts, he married Hannah Stockbridge in 1646. Ship records also show a Henry Ticknall as a passenger on the Hopewell out of London in the autumn of 1635. It is possible that Henry Ticknell was the father of William Ticknor and Martin Tichenor. They could the two brothers, the family tradition believes came to America in the early 1600s. Henry might have died on the boat or later after arrival. William staying in Massachusetts. If so, Martin also arrived in Massachusetts first, may have met John and Mary Charles in Massachusetts and moved about the same time as John Charles to New Haven.

(2) Elizabeth [Baldwin] Tichenor was the daughter of John Jr. and Hannah (Bruen) Baldwin. Hannah Bruen's father was Obadiah Bruen, who was baptized in Tarvin, Cheshire, 25 Dec. 1606 and died in Newark, N.J., before1690. He was the 17th generation in line of descent from King Henry II, of England; the 24th generation in descent from Malcolm III King of Scots; of royal descent from King Henry III and of King Edward I, 1239-1307] Elizabeth was therefore the19 generation from King Edward II. (My grandchildren would therefore be the 29 living generation from King Edward II.) [This information is published in "The living descendants of Blood Royal in America"; Compiled & edited by Count d' Angerville, Volume 2, Page 486-498]

Obadiah Bruen is also a descendant of Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfork and his son Hugh Bigod, third Earl of Norfork. Both were Sureties ( Barons who guaranteed) for the MAGNA CHARTA of King John in 1213-1215. ["Magna Charter Barons and their Descendants" by Charles H. Browning, Genealogist to The Baronial Order. Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore 1969.

(3) John Baldwin can trace his linage back to (Pipn the Old, b. 560 Mayor of Austria d. 639) also to (Charlemagne, b, 742, King of France and Emperor of the west, d. 814) and William the Conqueror about 1050. Information published in "The descendants of Deacon Arron Baldwin [1724-1800]" by George E Baldwin, Forestville, NY. 1907

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