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New Haven, Connecticut

Martin and Mary Tichenor were members of the New Haven church. In parish and township meetings, the men and women sat in separate divisions. The seating arrangement in 1655 was recorded as follows; " in ye seats on ye stile on both sides the dore: Martin Tichennor.... In ye seats all along: Goodwife Tichennor ".

On February 10, 1661 their seatings were; " Below the doore for Martine Titchenell and sister Tichenell ." Note the different spellings, the first with two "n s" the second with an extra "T" in one and "ell" on the ending of both.

Drawing of the seating arrangement of Reverend John Davenport's church in 1655.
Close-up of the Tichenor seats

The spellings of Martin Titchenor's name in New Haven's church records varied, sometime Tichenor , Tichennor, Titchenell, Tichenell, Tichner, or Tichnell . His will was signed Tichenor, dated October 19, 1681 in New Jersey.

New Haven and Connecticut merged into one colony in 1665. The new constitution allowed baptism of children irrespective of parents' church membership. This was displeasing to the strict church members of New Haven who preferred the puritan practice of permitting only baptism of "the elect." Robert Treat was chairman of a committee acting for the unhappy church members and their desire to migrate from this religious environment which was intolerable to them. Treat met and reached an agreement with Governor Carteret of New Jersey, who had sent agents looking for homesteaders. After looking over the land offered, Robert Treat reported back favorably.

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