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The McClure Connection

Records also show George McClure purchased 745 acres of land for $1694 in Georgia at the 1835/36 land sale of Indian lands. In 1835, when President Jackson forced the Cherokee Indians to leave Georgia, only non Indians were allowed to purchase the Cherokee land they were forced to leave. Some non Indian sympathizers purchased this land and let the Indians live on and work the land.

It is quite possible this George McClure was a (white non Indian) sympathizer, and a member of the McClure family that had married Indians.

The Cherokee Agricultural Production records of 1850 and 1860
bu. bu. bu. bu. bu. lbs. lbs. bu.
George McClure 125 35 150 93 700 0 30 15 50 40 100
Andrew McClure 16 835 0 300 0 25 20 100 0 15
Jacin McClure 30 9 40 0 400 60 25 40 150 0 4
1850 Acres Stock Hogs Wheat Corn Tob. Rye Pot. Butt. Flax Wool
George McClure 110 19 40 0 400 0 193 40 150 0 60

The Cherokee Indian rolls show James M McClure (1827-1897) as the father and Rebecca McClure (1826-1882) as the mother of Susan Ann McClure. William's mother who died in Oklahoma (age 35) in 1880. She is buried in the McClure Cemetery as are her mother, Rebecca and her father, James. James McClure is listed in the 1880 Cherokee census of the Canadian District, Cherokee Indian Nation, Oklahoma (adopted Cherokee age 53).

William Freeman said he walked all the way from Georgia (when he was 9 years old) with a group of Indians about 1880. They settled in the John- Kettle Settlement, about 2 miles east of Briartown, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory. James McClure is listed among those that lived there. Later he signed William's marriage bond.

There were at least three James McClures living in Georgia in the 1860s. Three were listed in the Confederate Army records from 1861 to 1865. One was wounded, and one was captured at Gettysburg and not released until 1865. It is likely one of these is the James McClure that is William Freeman's grandfather.

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