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The Keiths, Arnetts and McClures in South Carolina, Georgia and Indian Territory and their family ancestry

My grandmother said William Freeman Keith, was my mother's father, and he died in1893. I guess he really did die as far as Annie was concerned.

Annie's description of my mother's father also fits the Ruben William Freeman Keith that married Alma Arnett. He was born in Georgia September 1871. He lived in or near Porum, Oklahoma from 1880 until he died. There is not much doubt they are one and the same man. While William may have died in 1893 for Annie, he actually lived until March 1942. Annie, herself, didn't die until 1956.

This blows me away because I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma from October of 1941 to July of 1942. Porum was only about 90 miles away, from Tulsa. had I driven to Porum at that time, I could have met William, my Grandfather.

That would have been a surprise to everyone. Who knows what that meeting would have been like and how it would have effected William's life, his family life, my life or my mother and grandmother's life! One thing is for sure it would have effected all of our lives in some manner.

I probably would have asked him why he didn't keep in touch with Annie or his daughter? Also why he didn't claim his daughter? At least I could claim to be part Cherokee. Actually , I am glad I didn't drive there, I might have been tempted to move to Porum, I would not have liked living there.

William married Alma Arnett (the sister of Annie Arnett) on April 3, 1892. He had two brothers and a sister. His mother was Susan Ann (McClure) Keith and was 1/8 Cherokee Indian. William's father's name was Joel M. Keith from a Keith family that had lived in the Cherokee Nation area near Rome, Georgia since 1840. Possibly other Keiths lived there before that time.

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