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Finding the Arnetts in Grayson, Texas

Using to find census matches, the following census and marriage records were found. This gave evidence that the parents of the Arnett Children were William A Arnett and Martha Atkins and showed a trail that started in Grayson County, Texas and eventually led the family into Indian Territory.

1860 Census Record of Sherman, Grayson County, Texas showed a census for Wm Arnett 1834 Alabama – Farming, Martha Arnett 1840 Alabama, Saml Arnett 1857 Texas, Thomas Arnett 1858 Texas

1870 census Fannin, Texas William Arnett 1833 Georgia, Martha A Arnett 1843 Alabama, Samuel Arnett 1856 Texas, Thomas Arnett 1858 Texas, Emeline Arnett 1859 Texas, Robert L Arnett 1865 Texas

Based on the 1870 census, William A Arnett is from Georgia which matches Alma's 1910 and 1920 census, Emma's 1900 census and Robert's 1910 and 1920 census Annie 1900 and 1910 census that says their father came from Georgia. Although other of the children census showed that he was from Alabama as the 1860 census. The census for the children agree that their mother was born in Alabama.

William A Arnett served in the Confederate Army 14th Regiment Arkansas Infantry as a private after being married which could give explain why Mahalia Arnett said that Will Arnett was born in Arkansas in the 1900 census after Will died. Also, Martha Atkins father was the postmaster of Micco, Arkansas starting in 1853s.

Drawing of William S and Rose Arnett

Now that we had the name of the parents, a marriage record was found for William A Arnett and Martha Atkins in 1855 in Grayson County, Texas. There picture is shown on the right is of William S and Rose Arnett.

The following records show that the family then moved in to the Indian Territory as they started to have their own families.

W S Arnett and M Brown married 2 Sep 1897 Pittsburg, Oklahoma, United States

1900 census North Wichita, Lincoln, Oklahoma William Dunca Jan 1877 Texas father from Missouri, mother from Indiana, Emma Dunca Oct 1862 Creek Nation IT, Father from Georgia, mother from Alabama, Lonzo Arnett Apr 1887 Cheroky Nation IT (nephew), father from Texas, mother from texas (this is son of William Arnett who just died months earlier)

1900 census Township 12, Creek Nation, Indian Territory, Albert W Arnett, May 1872 Texas marriage year 1894 married 6 years (both parents born in Texas), Maggie Arnett May 1877 Creek Nation (Indian(Native American), Iona (Jona) Arnett Jun 1895

1900 Township 10, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory (Porum), Freeman W Keith 1872 Georgia, Alma Keith 1875 Indian Territory Oklahoma (father from Georgia and mother from Alabama), Elbert 1893 Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Paul Keith 1896 Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Pearly L Keith Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Reuben M Keith Indian Territory, Oklahoma

1900 Township 10, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory (Porum) Mahala Arnette 1875 Arkansas, Reuba Arnette 1892 Arkansas, Sidney Arnette 1895 Arkansas, James F Arnette 1899 Indian Territory, Oklahoma (Will Samuel's Son) (both parents from Arkansas)

1900 Township 5, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory Charles Pfeiffer 1873 Illinois, Anna Pfeiffer 1877 Indian Territory, Oklahoma (parents both from Georgia), Eldora Pfeiffer 1895 Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Bessie Mary Pfeiffer 1897 Indian Territory, Oklahoma

After all these were found, the SS application for Annie Arnett (after she married Morreu) which showed her parents to be William Arnett and Martha Atkinson. Although the last name of Martha is different, at age 65, she may have forgotten her mother's maiden name but this is close enough to accept the above census record as her family.

Finally, somebody was sent to the Coleman Cemetery to get a photo of the tombstone for W.A. Arnett who was buried there and to everybody's surprise, on the back of the tombstone was the inscription for Martha McClure whose birth date matched many of the census records and the verbal history of when she died.Martha Arnett Tombstone Will Arnett Tombstone

The tombstone inscription for William A Arnett was W. A. Arnett born 5 Jul 1833 died Oct 1891 and the one for Martha was Martha A. E. McClure born 25 Oct 1840 died 7 Sep 1895.

The fact that the inscription was on the same tombstone of W. A. Arnett was a strong sign that the Martha McClure (or Matt) that we had been searching for was indeed the Martha Atkins that married William A Arnett.

She apparently married a McClure before dying and could be the Martha McClure that is shown in the 1890 Cherokee Nation census with James M McClure and on the 1893 Cherokee Nation census next to Alma Arnett.

This page has been updated and corrected with new information provided by David Arnett in January of 2018. You may contact David at David's email with questions on Arnett family history. He would be happy to hear from you.

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