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Clues to Alma and Annie's Parents

However, I did find three other records that may shed some light on their names:

Once, before the Cherokee land was divided, Alma made an application to the Cherokee Nation to be accepted as an Indian. She said her mother's name was Matt McClure. The application was refused so it should be assumed that this was not her mother.

In the meantime there are other clues that can be considered. Annie said she was born in Denison, Texas, in 1876. She also remembers living in El Paso, Texas as a girl. Her sister Alma's census record notes she was born in IT in 1874. This indicates their father moved frequently. With the advent of email and, many different Arnetts descended from Alma, Will, and Annie felt that there were other families related to them (Robert and Albert).

When the DNA system, became popular, many of them were tested and found that they were very strong matches. Based on this new list of kids, another search was done for the family in the Denison, Grayson County, Texas area.

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