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[c1900] Charles leaves Annie for work in California

Dora about seven years old
Oklahoma had a lot of electrical storms. As a girl, my mother, Dora, was afraid of Lighting storms. (She never got over being scared of storms.) Dora doesn't remember where they lived at the time, but once in a bad storm the wind broke a window. It blew a curtain into a kerosine lamp and caught the curtain on fire. The whole house burned to the ground. My mother had to watch while everything was lost in the house, including clothing, personal belongins, furniture, dishes, etc. Also pictures and whatever records grandmother had of her life.

We have no way of knowing how long Annie and Charles Pfieffer lived in Wilburton. but the next record found shows Annie married Abe Ross August 21, 1902. My mother, Dora, said that she doesn't know the date, but she remembers that Charles Pfieffer left her mother, Annie, and her children while he traveled to California to look for work.

Charles and Annie (Arnett) Pfieffer were still living in Wilburton with her two children in 1900. Annie and William Freeman Keith had agreed not to see each other again, so she probably moved to Checotah after Charles Pfieffer left. She would be close to her sister, Emma, who was sympathetic to her and her children's plight. This is probably the Aunt Emma that my mother liked and remembers wanting to keep her back in Oklahoma when Annie left for California. Dora said her aunt and uncle did not have children. Her uncle made jewelry, her aunt took in sewing.

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