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[1896] Annie (Anna) marries Charles Pfieffer in Checotah, OK

Annie married Charles Pfieffer in Checotah, three years later on July 22, 1896. Checotah was formed ten years earlier on June 17, 1886. Marriage records show Annie Arnett married Charles Pfieffer July 25, 1896 by minister McGlowery. They took out a license July 22, 1896 in Checotah, Indian Territory.

Dora said her stepfather, Charles, was very mean to her. He was not as mean to her sister Bessie, and her brothers. Charles was also very religious. Maybe he and Annie lived together for a while. (2 yrs before marriage, total 6 yrs). Perhaps he believed Dora was bad and should be punished because she was born out of wedlock. Annie insisted William Keith was Dora's father and Charles was the father of Bessy.

The 1900 census record indicates Charles and Annie (Arnett) Pfieffer were living in Wilburton, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. By then Annie had a second child, [Elizabeth Ann (Pfieffer) Purcell] born in Oklahoma in 1897. Therefore sometime after marrying Charles Pfieffer in 1896 in Checotah, they must have moved to Wilburton.

Annie probably moved to Wilburton after she married Pfieffer. Wilburton is about 45 miles south of Briartown in the Choctaw Nation. We now know the her sister Emma (Arnett) Dunca lived in the Creek Nation in 1900. Checotah in the Creek Nation about 30 miles west of Briartown or Porum about 15 miles north of Briartown. She married Pfieffer in 1896 in Checotah (three years after Dora was born) and was living with him in Wilburton in 1900.

They must have moved back to Checotah sometime in 1901. Shortly after that Charles couldn't find a job and left Anna and the children to go to California, Dora said Charles did not come back for a long time, for over a year. He didn't write, maybe he couldn't, or maybe Anna couldn't read. Anna did not know what Charles was going to do, nor if or when he was ever coming back.

Scenes around Checotah about 1900

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