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Possible sources for the name "El Dora"

I realized I was unlikely to get further proof of this story. If I accepted it as true, it explained many things. But it brought up much more speculation about the life of Annie. She lived a very difficult life in the Indian Territory and later in California, working at disagreeable jobs all her life. She would sometimes live with horrible men, often drunkards, in order to feed her children. Sadly, several of her children's lives did not turn out well.

Where did Annie go after she became pregnant and why did Annie name her child EL Dora? El Dora is not a common name. Dora is a name that has been popular at different times, but no one has ever heard of putting "El" in front of the name. "El" means "The" in Spanish. I asked my mother, but she didn't know. We will never know for sure, but there are two possibilities to consider.

In 1902, one of William's land allotments was adjacent and just south of Briartown. The next land allotment to William belonged to a Dora West [1/4 Indian]. The 1902 records showed many West families in the area and we know they were friends or even cousins of the McClures. The only Dora West I found on the Cherokee rolls was a 7 year old minor in 1907, and of course not alive in 1893 when my mother Dora was born. This 7 year old's mother was Nora West. Nora may have died before 1902 and her daughter Dora got the land allotment in 1902. Nora could have been a relative or close friend of the Keiths, McClures or even Arnetts.. Nora West may have helped take care of Annie and the baby. Perhaps they both liked the name Dora. Nora later named her child Dora also. On the other hand it may have just been a popular name at that time.

Dora is also the name of a small town a few miles north of Van Buren, Arkansas. It is on the border between Arkansas and Indian Territory, about 50 to 60 miles northeast of Briartown. It was famous at that time for selling whisky to the Indians.

Whatever happened, Annie took her child and moved somewhere to live and earn a living for herself and her child. Perhaps to Checotah about 30 miles away to be with her older sister Emma.

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