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[1892] El Dora is conceived (the author, Oliver Titchenal's mother)

Alma's first child was Albert was born on January 15, 1893. Therefore, Alma became pregnant about March 1892. Trying to help run the new farm, take care of twin 4 year old boys and the early stages of pregnancy was too much for Alma. She didn't feel well and needed help. Her sister Annie, was asked to help and stay with them.

Annie must have moved in with them in April or May 1892. By August Alma was four months pregnant and still sick. On a hot August afternoon, Charlie and Robert were hot and asked to go to the nearby pool to swim and cool off. Annie thought that was a good idea and told Alma she would take them to swim for a few hours. Then she would come back to prepare dinner before William came in from the fields.

Annie Arnett
William was working in the field and saw Anna with the boys going toward the pool. After an hour William got hot and decided to go for a swim himself. The boys, being good swimmers, were far out in lake having a good time. Anna had on a thin cool slip-over dress and was also in the water. She looked cool. William hailed her and said he was coming in. He slipped off his clothes. William was now only wearing an indian brave loin cloth, which he always wore under his pants. He joined Anna in the pool.

For about 20 minutes, they had great time splashing around and cooling off. All of the time William had trouble keeping his eyes off Anna's young body which was very clear and seductive under her wet clinging dress.

Annie had always had a close relationship with William. Now living in such a close relationship was too much for them. Anna thought William loved her, she certainly loved William. The sight of Anna in the wet dress was too much for William's frustration and raging genes. They looked over at the boys playing, fell into an embrace and climbed out of the water to a shady spot under a tree. William may have seduced Anna that day, but Anna may not have resisted much. (Annie told Dora that her father, William Freeman, was a wonderful and handsome man and had he lived, their life would have been so much better. That does not sound like a woman that hated the father of her child. On the other hand, she may have been ashamed to say anything else. Who knows?)

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