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Holbrook and Drake

In 1932 my job was cut off at the Fairgrounds Station. I bumped the second trick operator at Holbrook, Arizona. This was on the Santa Fe mainline. Most of the passenger trains came through without stopping. The train orders had to be handed up to the engineer and conductor on a long hoop with the orders attached. They put their arms through the hoop, took out the orders and threw the hoop on the ground. I had to have Don move up with me as I couldn't see very well. The trains would go by going sixty miles an hour. We stayed at Holbrook for six months, until I was able to get the agent operator job at Drake, Arizona.

Mother and Oliver had been living in Santa Ana while Don and I were in Holbrook. As soon as we got to Drake, I sent for mother and Oliver to come. Drake was just a small railroad town with not much more than a hundred people in the whole area. The train would come up from Prescott six days a week going to Clarksdale and back. Another train would come up from Phoenix to Ash Fork and back. We had to live in a company house without any running water. The water came from a tank car. There was an out house for a toilet and a wood stove to cook and heat the house. Mother prepared some good meals on that stove, but I don't know how she did it.

In May of 1933 I took a week off. We all went to Chicago on the train to the Worlds Fair. It was called "A Century of Progress." We stayed at a Chicago Hotel for two nights and then went back to Drake. Don moved to Phoenix and got a job in the Safeway Stores advertising department. Oliver finished grade school in a one room school in Drake. In September of 1933 Oliver came down to Phoenix and lived with Don while attending high school. Oliver would go back and forth to Drake every other weekend. He lived in Drake during the summer months.

Oliver graduated from high school in May of 1937. Don got married to Betty Nelson on August thirteenth 1937. Oliver went back to Drake. Mother took Oliver and left for Fullerton, California where he attended junior college for two years. After that Oliver went to work for Lockheed Aircraft and mother came back to Drake.

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