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[1927] Life in Phoenix

In September they all started to school again. It was not until December of 1927 that another job came up that I could bid on where we could be in a town of any size. Then three new jobs came up for bid at the Fairgrounds Station in Phoenix, Arizona. I go the second trick from four p.m. to midnight, and lost no time getting down there. Don came over from Los Angeles to be with me before Christmas. Mother, Alice, and Oliver came over in January. We were finally together again.

Don and Oliver started to school. Alice got a job at Kress' five and dime store. About a year later Alice met John Heine. They got married and moved to Oceanside, California.

Don got a job as a messenger boy and apprentice operator for the Santa Fe. He attended night high school for three years. This was during the worst part of the depression years. I used to hock my watch for ten dollars before my paycheck came in every month. Then I would get it back and do the same thing again before payday.

One year on the Fourth of July at Riverside Park, a big picnic was held by the City of Phoenix. Oliver won a prize for having the most freckles.

I never took a vacation the whole time we were in Phoenix and worked seven days a week from four p.m. to midnight.

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