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Updated ending by Don Titchenal
as if it was written by his father Charles E. Titchenal

[1926] The Titchenal Clan Meets

Mother took the children on the train to Visalia, California in January 1926. We had some good friends living there. She started the children to school. They stayed there until June. Then they moved to Santa Ana. In September Alice registered in High School, Don in Junior High and Oliver in second grade. Don got a paper route with the Santa Ana newspaper.

In December of 1926 I bid in the first trick operator's job at Gallup, New Mexico yard office. On the way to Gallup, I came over to Santa Ana for a week. Mother thought it would be a good idea to get all the Titchenal clan together at our house for Christmas. Everyone was happy to do it. All the Titchenals got together for the first time Christmas Day in 1926. That was the only time they ever got together. Now they are all scattered and I doubt it will ever happen again.

I went to Gallup, rented a house, then sent for the folks. The altitude was over six-thousand feet. The winter was cold with snow and sleet. Our house was close to the railroad tracks and was black with coal smoke from the trains. Mother and Don got sick, so we decided they should move back to California. This time mother moved to Los Angeles where her folks lived. I rented a room in Gallup, ate at restaurants and the Harvey House. I spent a cold winter in Gallup.

After the folks got to Los Angeles, mother decided it was too close to the end of the semester to start the children in school. Don got a job pushing an ice cream three wheeled cart, selling ice cream bars and sandwiches. His route took him by the Santa Fe depot where Harold Lloyd was filming a silent movie. All of the movie crew bought ice cream from Don. Another time Don ran into a group making a movie with Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers. Don didn't know who Buddy was, but later found out that he married Mary Pickford. She was fifteen years older than Buddy was. Mary had previously been married to Douglas Fairbanks.

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