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Mayer was quite a busy place at that time. I had a clerk to help me. There was a bank, a church, two grocery stores, two meat markets, two garages, an ice plant, a lumber yard, a hotel, two pool halls, and a bus office (the bus ran between Mayer and Prescott). The Company didn't furnish a house, but we found a house to rent. Houses there weren't anything extra. We still had no plumbing, and had to use an outside Chick Sale toilet.

There was a pretty good school - a brick building - and the school went to the 10th grade. There was a drug store and restaurant, with a hall in the rear where they held dances and also meetings. We had a Moose Lodge and a Woodman of the World Lodge. I was secretary and treasurer for the Moose Lodge.

I didn't have to work on Sunday, so quite often we went on picnics and long auto trips with friends who had a car. And then for pastime there were card parties where they played 500, mostly. The ladies had a Ladies Aid Club and held card parties.

When Oliver was five years old he started to school in the first grade, for we didn't have a kindergarten at Mayer. We had some pretty good times there. There wasn't any high school in Mayer, and Alice was almost ready for high school, so we had to look out for some other place where there would be better schooling. I was getting tired of Mayer and wanted to go to California. But I had no chance unless I quit my job and took a chance of getting another one, and I was afraid to do that.

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