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[1920] Oliver is Born

We got very friendly with a Mr. and Mrs. Tisdale; they had no children. He worked as a pumper for the railroad and they had a car. They would take us out riding quite often in the desert and Mother would pick wild flowers. The desert was real pretty, and we enjoyed these rides very much.

Mother was expecting a baby at this time and was due in March. We had arranged with a negro mammy to take care of Mother, and the only doctor was a lady. She had an office on the Indian Reservation, and was employed by the government. We made arrangements with her to take care of Mother. Her name was Doctor Little.

Dora with her new son Oliver
On the afternoon of March 18, 1920, after I had got off duty at the railroad stat-ion, Mrs. Bush, the Justice of the Peace, asked if I would serve on jury duty that after-noon. She said they were having a hard time getting enough men to serve. She had a case of a man beating up his wife. I didn't like wife beaters anyway, so I told her I would serve. Just as the trial was concluded, Mother sent word to me to come on ho-me as soon as I could; she wasn't feeling too good. So I hurried home and found that she was having pains. It was 7:00, and I got busy and called the doctor and told her it might be a good idea if she would hurry over. She said she would and would also go by and pick up Rose, the woman who was going to stay with us and take care of Mother. They showed up about 8:00, and stayed until the baby was born, about 10:00 p.m. It was a little red headed boy, and we named him Oliver Ray.

Alice and Don pose with Oliver
A little boy in the school where Alice and Don attended died the day before of diphtheria, and the children were exposed to it. So the doctor left orders for us not to let the two children in the room where the baby was for two or three days, until she made sure they would not be down with the diphtheria.

We were having nice warm weather, not too hot, and very little rain. It was so much different than the wet, cold winter we had just spent up at Crown King that we really enjoyed the winter. At least we did until towards the end of April when it began to warm up, and the mosquitoes began to bother us. They came to visit us in swarms. They seemed like they were as large as flies, and had long bills. We knew then why our front porch was screened. We didn't like these mosquitoes, and as it was getting hot we didn't think we were going to like Parker the coming summer.

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