Along the Santa Fe Chapter 4 original ending
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Charles' Original Ending

Mother took the children and went to Visalia, for we had friends living there. She started the children in school there. Don got a paper route in Visalia. The folks didn't stay there too long, as I figured I couldn't get a job there, and then in February 1927, I bid in the first trick operator job at the Gallup, New Mexico yard office, and rented a house there and sent for the folks. The altitude was over 6,000 feet, and the winter was cold and snow and sleet. Mother and Don both got sick, and stayed in Gallup just a month and they had to get out. I didn't have another job to go to, so she took the children and moved down to Santa Ana and put them in school there.

I got a room and ate at restaurants and the Harvey House, and I spent a cold winter in Gallup. It was not until December 1927, that another job came up I could bid in where we could be in a town of any size. And then three new jobs came up for bid at Phoenix. I got the second trick from 4:00 p.m. to midnight, and lost no time getting down there. I found a house and sent for the folks, and we were all together again. Mother had put the children to school in Santa Ana while I was at Gallup.

During Christmas of 1927, Mother was still in Santa Ana and she thought that it would be a good idea to try to get all the Titchenal clan together at one time. No one seemed willing to have the get - together at their at their house, so Mother took the bull by the horn and said they could have the get - together at her house. And that is what she did do. I came on down from Gallup on my way to Phoenix and got to spend the holidays with them, and all of the Titchenal clan got together for Christmas day. That is the only time they ever got together, and now they are so much scattered that I doubt if they will ever do so again.

It was not until January that Mother and the children came to Phoenix. And we were all together again.

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