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Along the Santa Fe
with Charles and Dora Titchenal
By Charles E. Titchenal

Chapter 4
Another Move

Tired of Crown King

Things ran along smoothly for the next five months. The railroads had been taken over by the government on account of the war, and all the railroads were under one head. A Director General was appointed by President Wilson. A man by the name of William G. McAdoo was named as the head. He was also a son-in-law of President Wilson.

One of the first things he did was to give all employees a raise in pay, which didn't hurt his popularity with the railroad employees, and the pay was made retroactive to the first of January. My salary was raised from $100.00 to $135.00 per month, and Mother's from $50.00 to $75.00, and our back pay began coming in, and with what money we had saved we soon had a little nest egg of about $600.00. This was more money than we had ever seen at one time and we felt quite rich.

About this time business at the mine was falling off, and they cut Mother's job off. We were beginning to get a little tired of the mountains and it was getting to be summertime, so Mother took the two children and went to Santa Ana for a visit. I told her to rent a place, and I would follow as soon as I could get them to relieve me. I thought maybe I could get a job back in California, and if so we wouldn't come back to Crown King. I didn't give up my job, I just asked for a month lay off, so in case I didn't land anything at the coast I would have a job to return to.

Mother found a nice little apartment on East Fourth Street for $25.00 per month, and I soon came on down and we proceeded to enjoy our vacation and spend our nest egg. We spent quite a lot of our time at Redondo Beach, and had a nice time for a month. I was unable to get a job to my liking, so at the end of our vacation we decided to go back to Crown King and work there until I could bid on a job in a town we would like better.

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