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On the Sundays that we didn't go hiking I used to spend most of the day at the pool hall in a poker game or a game that was called "Solo", which was usually played by three of us and sometimes four. The loser of this game would play for four chips that were valued at 12 and half cents each, and each player would get a chip. It would buy a cigar or a glass of cider. There was a large barrel of cider on tap, and we would either drink a glass after each game or maybe buy a cigar, and by the time the day was over the cider was down pretty low in the barrel and had quite a kick to it.

There was no church at Crown King except the Catholic, and we got out of the habit of going to church, and I am afraid I got into some bad habits which stayed with me for a long time to come.

Scenes of Crown King

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