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Our New Friends

Arriving home I found little Alice home from school, and Mother had a nice sup-per prepared for us, which we all enjoyed very much. Alice told me all about her new school and she liked the new teacher, and she got acquainted with a number of schoolmates.

After supper I helped Mother with the dishes and then we got ready and went over to the Perkins house to spend the evening. Besides Mr. and Mrs. Perkins, there was Mrs. Perkins' sister and two boys - Fred, 16 years old, and Don Juan, about 10 years old. Then there was a Mr. Patterson, who was a clerk in the store.

We played a couple game of 500, a game that was quite a favorite with the folks in the village, so Mr. Perkins told us. It was one game that we both knew how to play, so we got along quite well and enjoyed the game.

The Perkins had a piano, and Mrs. Perkins said she would play for us. Mr. Perkins and Mr. Patterson said they would teach Mother how to dance, and Mrs. Perkins' sister took on the job to teach me the dance steps. So we gave up the card game and spent the rest of the evening dancing. It was the first time we had ever tried dancing, and we both enjoyed it very much. By the time the evening was over we felt that we would be able to venture out on the dance floor Saturday night.

At midnight we thought we better be going home, so we thanked our new friends for a very pleasant evening. We woke up the two children, who were sleeping in the other room, then went home and to bed.

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