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The Train Arrives

I showed Mother how to sell tickets, and told her she could handle the ticket window. She said she would dust out the office and then she would open the ticket window.

I met quite a number of new folks, among them a Mr. Jackson, who had a mine nearby. He rode to town on a large burro, which was as large as a horse, and would gallop like a horse. His name was Shagpat. I asked Mr. Jackson if I might take a little ride on him, and he let me take a turn about town. Mother and I decided we needed a burro; it would come in very hardly when we took a hike in the hills. We both feel in love with Shagpat, and I asked Mr. Jackson if he would sell him. He said I could have him for $25.00 and he would throw in the saddle, so I bought him then and there. We were now the owner of a burro, and that meant buying hay to feed him. I took him over to the house and tied him up in the yard.

It was now 1:30 and I could hear the train whistling, so I hurried back to the station. Soon we could see the train coming around the bend, and it seemed like every-one from miles around must have been on hand.

It was really the highlight of the day watching the train come in, quite a bit of excitement; everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. A man from the post office was on hand to grab the mail sacks and take them over to the post office. Then most everyone began heading for the post office to wait for their mail. We unloaded the Express and baggage, and then loaded up what we had to go out. The train set out a car loaded with merchandise, and then did the necessary switching and picking up loads to go. I led Mother check out the freight car, while I checked the Express and made out the bills, sold a few more tickets to last minute passengers, and cleared the train for departure. Then I helped Mother finish checking out the freight.

After the train left and things had quieted down a bit I let Mother go back over to the house, and I stayed at the office until closing time. Then I closed the office and headed for home, figuring I had put in a very good day which I enjoyed very much, and I thought I would like this new job.

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