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On the Job

Donnie and I went on over to the depot and opened up. We had to get a fire started in the office and waiting room the first thing. After I had the fires going good, I called the Western Union at Prescott, which was the relay office for telegrams. There were several telegrams for the Mining Company which I copied, and phoned to the ones that had telephones: the others I had to hold until they came in. I also had a telegram for Mr. Perkins at the store, so Donnie and I walked over to the store to deliver it and get better acquainted with the folks over there.

There was a nice fire going in a large heating stove at the store, and gathered about the stove were several men trying to get warm. They had come for groceries and mail, and would stay to see the train come in. I met several old prospectors that I hadn't seen the day before. They all took to little Donnie and soon made friends with him.

I learned from Mr. Perkins that there was to be a dance Saturday night at the pool hall. He told me I should attend this dance as it would give us a chance to get better acquainted with the village folk. He said nearly everyone from miles around would be there. This was Thursday and the dance would be held within two days. I told Mr. Perkins that neither the wife or I had ever done any dancing and we didn't know how to dance. He said we sure would have to learn as it was regular pastime and every-one had a good time, and the women folk always put on a big feed during the dance. He invited the wife and I over to their house that evening and said that his wife and her sister would teach us how to dance; that we could learn enough in the next two nights to get by. He thought we would really enjoy it. I thanked him and told him I would talk it over with the wife, and we would come over that night whether we learned to dance or not.

After visiting a little more at the store, Don and I went back over to the depot. I swept out the office and warehouse and also swept off the dirt from a large wooden platform surrounding the depot. I decided to let Mother dust the office when she came over.

By this time it was nearly noon and Don was getting hungry. We locked the off-ice and went on over to the house. Mother had got back from the school and a nice lunch ready for us. She told me she met the teacher - a very nice young lady. I told her what Mr. Perkins had said about the dance, and we decided we should go over that night and see if we could learn to dance, might just as well. "When in Rome" we should do as the Romans do.

After lunch, both Mother and I went back over to the station. The train was due in at 1:00 and there was quite a large number of people gathered at the station to see the train come in, and probably some of them were going to take the train for Prescott.

When we got back to the office, I called Mayer, which was the last open telegraph office, and asked if the train was on time leaving there, and found out it was about an hour late, so I was now prepared to answer the numerous inquires - would the train be on time.

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