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[1915] A Long Delayed Honeymoon

During the summer of 1915 Mother and I decided to take our long delayed Honeymoon. This was the year of the World's Fair and it was held in San Francisco, so we decided we would like to go. One of our good friends said we could leave the two children with the, which took care of one problem. The next thing was where to get the money for the trip, as we were short on cash. We solved this problem by borrowing $25.00 from the bank. I got passes on the railroad for the trip, and we left Little Alice and Donald with the good neighbor lady, and boarded the train for the Fair.

The first night we stayed with friends at Stockton and enjoyed a nice visit with them, a Mr. and Mrs. Renfro, who had been neighbors of ours in Fullerton. Mr. Renfro had worked at the depot and was transferred to Stockton. We enjoyed the visit with them very much, and the next morning we caught the train for San Francisco. Arriving there we found a room at one of the hotels, and took in a show that night.

The next morning we were up bright and early, and made our way out to the Fair grounds. We took in everything our limited amount of cash would allow us to do, and it being the first Fair we had attended together, we had one grand time. But we could only stay one day, and it was over all too soon. We had given up our room at the hotel, so we caught a train late at night and got a berth, so we could have a good sleep on the train. The next morning we arrived in Fullerton. I had just 25 cents left, and this I gave to the porter. But we were home again and had been away just three nights. We had our Honeymoon, but were glad to be back home again with our little family.

Soon after we got back from our trip to the World's Fair, in October 1915, I received a letter from the Superintendent, offering me a job as agent at Etiwanda, California. Etiwanda was a small town about ten miles south of San Bernardino. I was getting fed up on working nights, and after talking it over with Mother, we decided to make the move. So I wrote the Superintendent that I would accept the new job. We made this move without looking over the new job, so we didn't know what we were getting into. If we had, we might not have moved at all, but it was too late to back out.

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