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[1911] A Daughter and a Transfer

Everything ran along fine and we were very happy, and almost before we knew it, it was the sixth day of May, 1911. This was a memorable day for us, as our first child was born on this day. A little red headed baby girl, and were we the proud parents. I bought a baby buggy and would wheel her all over town, showing her off to anyone interested enough to take a look. She was born on my mother's birthday, and was also Mother's first grand child, so we named her Alice Elaine, giving her the same initials as Mother's; Mother's name was Alice Elizabeth.

Little Alice was a welcome addition to our household. She made lots of extra work for us, but we didn't mind that. I soon learned how to wash diapers and change her.

A short time after we had moved to Oceanside, our friends the Rymers were transferred to a little one man station about ten miles northeast of Santa Ana, a place called Yorba. We were sorry to see them go. We moved into the house they vacated, which was a much nicer house, and also had quite a space for a vegetable garden, and I made good use of this space. We soon had all the vegetables we could use, and that was a great help on our food budget.

Things ran along smoothly and I enjoyed my work at the depot. We made quite a number of friends. Father came up from Santa Ana, and spent a couple of weeks with us during the summer.

The summer was soon over, and along about the first of October the operator at Santa Ana was promoted to Cashier, and that left a vacancy there. I was offered this vacancy, and although we didn't much want to leave Oceanside, we did want to get back to Santa Ana. It was a day job and paid the same way, so we decided to go back to the home town. There was a new agent at Santa Ana, Mr. Keeler having retired. A man named Smith was now agent. We liked being back in Santa Ana, and we soon got back into attending the Salvation Army meetings. We seemed to feel more at home there than in the Church.

I didn't hit off any too well with the new agent, and wished afterward that we had stayed in Oceanside. But things ran along alright for about four months, and I decided we would be better off if we moved to another job.

So, in January, 1912 I asked the Chief to transfer me. He told me there was a vacancy on the third trick operator's job at Fullerton, California, and as this was only about 7 miles from Santa Ana, I decided to take the job. We figured we could go back and forth between Fullerton and Santa Ana and still attend meetings.

So after four months in Santa Ana we packed up again and moved to Fullerton, working as a bookkeeper in one of the department stores. We soon found us a nice little house and settled down.

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