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School Days

We attended a school called "East End School" end it was over a mile from our house. Since we had to walk both ways, we would take our lunch with us. There were no school buses in those days. The East End School had only four grades, I was in the fourth grade, having finished the third grade when we lived on Wellington. I am afraid I was not a very good student at this school, because I failed to get promoted the first year and had to stay in the fourth grade another year, having failed in my reading and department. I sure felt bad when at the end of the year I was left behind, and it really learned me a lesson.

The next year, when I was 12 years old, I attended the First Street School", it was also well over a mile from our place. I started in at this school in the 5th grade, and still had to walk to school. Some of the boys had bicycles, but I never had a bicycle until after I had quit school and started to work. I liked this school real well and paid more attention to my studies. Glen Martin, who is head of "The Martin Airplane Factories", also attended this school. I did not know him very well as he was several years my senior. His father ran a business in town, and Glen was very much interested in making a plane at that time. He would go out to the west end of town where there was a large open space and practice with his inventions. Some of the people in town thought he was foolish and wasting his time, but it didn't turn out that way, as he was one local boy that really made good.

When I was 12 years old I became very much interested in stamp collecting. By trading stamps with school mates and chums in the neighborhood, searching through trash boxes in the rear of stores and offices, and writing to different stamp companies (when I had a little extra cash to spare) I managed to accumulate quite a collection over the years. I still have most of the stamps, except some of the scarce one my grandsons talked me out of. And I still enjoy looking over the collection and adding to it now and then.

It was during my twelfth year that I became interested in books. One of my first books was given to me at this time by my Sunday school teacher. It was a written by G. A. Henty; Bonnie Prince Charlie. This book was very interesting to me and I got acquainted with books by Alger, Trawbridge, Oliver Optic, Stratmeyer, and other well known authors of children's books. I would get a good book and instead of playing would hide away in my room to enjoy my book. It would take in imagination on travels around the world, on adventures, on voyages of discovery and to the wars, and made me want to run away from home and go to sea, although I never got up quite enough courage to do so. And as I grew older, I got over the notion of running away.

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