Bellefontaine Ohio Railroads

1895 Ohio RR MapLCRM
1913 USGS Topographic Maps: Bellefontaine Northeast CPLM
Railroad Stations of Logan CouuntyOhioRS
USGS Topo Maps 1971 Counties: Auglaize Champaigne Logan Shelby
1912 account of Northwest Territory railroad construction before Civil WarRA
New York Central (Southern Division)
New York Central PhotosELFL
Sandusky Division
Cleveland - Indianapolis Line
Toledo & Ohio Central

1910 MapOG1910
Unofficial T&OC Home PageTOCU
Railnet discussion (listing of stations and industries by Supervisor of Track at Thurston)
St. Marys Branch (Peoria - Bellefontaine - St. Marys)

CCC&StL Sandusky Division (abandoned North of Bellefontaine)
1909 ScheduleOG1910
Grant's Station image
Northeast of Kenton image
Kenton image (Erie Crossing)
Southwest of Kenton image
Silver Creek image
Yelverton image
Northeast of Belle Center image
New Richland - Belle Center image
North of Huntsville image
Huntsville image
Northwest of Bellefontaine image
Bellefontaine image
South of Bellefontaine image
McKees Creek image
West Liberty image
Mad River image
Lippincott image
North of Urbana image
Urbana image (Erie/PRR Junction)
South of Urbana image (CCC&STL, Erie)
Bowlusville image
Glen Echo image
North of Springfield image
Springfield image

CCC&StL Cleveland and Indianapolis Trains
1909 ScheduleOG1910
Marion image (Crossings)
West of Marion image (Erie Yard)
Longville image
Curleys image
East of New Bloomington image
Nww Bloomington (Agosta Station) image
East of LaRue image
LaRue image
West of LaRue image
Northeast of Mount Victory image
Mount Victory image
East of Ridgeway image (NYC Crossing)
Ridgeway image
West of Ridgeway image
Big Springs - Van image
Northeast of Rushsylvania image
Rushsylvania image
Harper image
Northeast of Bellefontaine image
Bellefontaine image

Silver Lake image
Gretna image
Southwest of Gretna image
De Graff image

Print Bibliography (not online)
Herring, Simon E. Bellefontaine -- Profile of a Railroad Town Trains Magazine July 1963, pages 29-39. Brief history, photos and maps covering changes from 1940s to 1960s.