Little Miami Rail Trail

Pennsylvania Lines
Little Miami Railroad Co. History PRRKC
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway

1909 Passenger Schedule

Springfield & Richmond
Springfield (0)
Beatty - Emery Chapel (3.6)
Oakview (5.1) - Hustead (6.7)
Yellow Springs (9.2)
South of Yellow Springs
Goes (13.1)
Oldtown (15.1)
Xenia (19.2)

PRR C & X Branch (Buckeye Division) Columbus and Cincinnati
Xenia (54.7)
South West of Xenia
North East of Spring Valley
Spring Valley (61.4)
Roxanna (63.3)
North East of Corwin
Corwin - Waynesville (68.9)
North of Oregonia
Oregonia (74.5)
Mathers Mills - Fort Ancient (78.0)
Morrow (83.2)
West of Morrow
East of South Lebanon
South Lebanon (88.0)
Middletown Junction NW (89.2)
Kings Mill (90.2)
Foster's (92.6)
Loveland (96.7)
Branch Hill (99.2)
Miamiville (102.2) - Camp Dennison (103.7)
Millford (105.6) - Terrace Park

Millford - Cincinnati not open
Avoca Park
Rendcomb Jct. (112.3) - Linwood (113.5)
Cincinnati (119.7)

PRR Pittsburgh/St. Louis Main Line: Xenia to Columbus (Xenia - Cedarville open)
Columbus & Xenia RR history PRRKC
Grandview Heights
Valley View
New Rome
Hamilton Ditch
Darby Creek
West Jefferson
East of Jefferson
Glade Run
Deer Creek
East of London
London (25.0) (NYC)
Walnut Run
East of Florence
Florence (31.2)
East of South Charleston
South Charleston (36.3) (DT&I)
West of South Charleston
South West of Selma
North East of Cedarville
Cedarville (46.8)
East of Xenia
Xenia (54.7)

PRR: Pittsburgh/St. Louis Main Line: Xenia to Dayton
East of Xenia
Trebein (3.9)
Alpha (5.3)
Zimmerman (8.0)
Mad River
East of Dayton
Dayton (16.0)

Not Part of Rail Trail

Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley Railroad: Morrow to Trinway
PRR Morrow Secondary Track
Morrow (148.3/148.9)
East of Morrow
Clarksville (138.1/138.7)
East of Clarksville
Ogden (133.7)
West of Wilmington
Wilmington (128.9/129.5)
Zanesville (16.1/16.5)
Trinway (0)