Lorain, Ashland and Southern (abandoned 1925 - track removed 1942)
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Ashland and Southern (became southern part of LA&S)
1902 Ohio Railroad Report:

The original name of this company was the Millersburg, Jeromeville and Greenwich Railroad Company, changed to the Ashland and Wooster Railway Company by amendment to the Charter, March 2, 1897. The railway is not complete, the portions in operation June 30, 1900, was as follows: Main line from Ashland to Horace, 17.61 miles, with spur from Horace to Custaloga Junctional point with Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne and Chicago Railway, 4.17 miles. The portion of the road from Ashland to Jeromeville, Ohio, 8.26 miles, was opened for operation September 6, 1899.

3 locomotives, 1 passenger car, 2 combination cars, 1 other passenger car in service.
5 other cars in freight service (Total 9 freight & passenger cars)
1550 tons of fuel consumed at an average cost of $2.29 per ton.

Topo Maps
Ridge Hill Memorial Park
South Amherst (L&WV/N&W Crossing)
South of Oberlin (NYC - Northcoast Inland Trail Crossing)
North of Wellington
Southwest of Wellington
Findley State Park
AC&Y RR Crossing
Rt. 511
B&O RR Crossing
North of Savannah
Bailey Lake
North of Ashland
East of Ashland
South of Funk
Custaloga - Big Prairie