Heart of Ohio Rail Trail

1898 Ohio Railroad Map Showing Heart of Ohio Rail Trail Area (191K)LCRM Pennsylvania RR (Cleveland Akron & Columbus Railway)
Cleveland (0)
Warwick (52.7) - Clinton (52.0)
West of Warwick
Marshallville (57.9)
North of Orrville

Holmes County Proposed Trail Extension

Orrville (62.7)
East Union
North of Apple Creek
Apple Creek (70.6)
North of Fredricksburg
Fredrickburg (76.5)
NorthEast of Holmesville

Holmes County Rail Trail

Holmes County Rails to Trails Coalition
Bicycles, buggies would use trail in Holmes County (Columbus Dispatch)
1912 USGS Topographic Maps: Holmesville - Millersburg Millersburg - Hardy Jct. Hardy Jct. - Killbuck
Killbuck Railroad Station

Holmesville (80.8)
North of Millersburg
Millersburg (86.3)
South of Millersburg
NorthWest of Killbuck
Killbuck (92.2)
East of Killbuck
West of Glenmont
Glenmont (98.3)
Baddaw Pass
West of Brinkhaven

Mohican Valley Trail

Brinkhaven (106.6)
East of Brinkhaven

Kokosing Gap Trail

Kokosing Gap Trail Home Page
Trail Review (Bike Ohio)
Spring Wildflowers found along Kokosing Gap Trail

Danville (110.7)
North of Howard
Howard (115.4)
Gambier (119.8) Depot OhioRS
West of Gambier
East of Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon (125.5)
North of Mount Vernon

Abandoned Railroads - not part of rail trail

B&O Millersburg to Wooster

PRR Walhonding Branch (Loudonville to Coshocton)
North of Greer
North of Brinkhaven

Dresden Branch (Killbuck to Trinway)
Helmick Station
East of Warsaw
Warsaw - Warsaw Jct
North of Tunnel Hill Tunnel Hill

PRR Branch from Howard to Millwood
East of Howard