Mansfield Area Rails and Trails

Richland B&O Rail Trail (Mansfield to Butler)

(Part of B&O Lake Erie Sub Division)
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Richland County History from late 19th Century

Ashland Railroad (ex Erie Main Line)

Erie Lackawanna Marion Division (1966 Schedule)
Chicago & Erie RR Salmanca - Marion (1899 Schedule)
Erie System Map

Ashland mp 252.0
Southwest of Ashland
Five Points
Mohican River
Pavonia - Windsor
North of Madison
Madison - Mansfield State Reformatory Building
Mansfield mp 268.7

Area Abandoned Railroad Roadbeds

Erie (Erie-Lackawanna) RR (Mansfield West)

West of Mansfield
Riolet Cemetary
Galion Municipal Airport
Galion mp 284.1 Galion Shops (NYC/Erie parallel to Marion)
West of Galion
Seven Ranges
Norblet Ditch
Martel mp 291
West of Caledonia
Marion Engineer Depot - East
Marion Engineer Depot - West mp 303.3 Q Siding
Marion - East Station mp 304

Marion Junction mp 305/0 (NYC, Erie, C&0 - diamonds) Erie Passenger Train at Marion, OH Union Depot c1919

East of Marion (NYC/Erie on same map until DeCliff)
West of Espyville mp 3.6 MJ Crossover
New Bloomington (Agosta Station)
Marion - Hardin County Line
West of Pfeiffer
East of Kenton
Kenton mp 25.0 (HN Tower mp 25.2 - NYC)

Erie (Erie-Lackawanna) RR (Ashland to Creston) B&O Akron Sub 1964 Map
Creston mp 226.2
West of Creston
East of Burbank
Burbank Station (B&O Crossing)
East of West Salem
West Salem
West of West Salem
East of Polk
Polk mp 244.3
Southwest of Polk
North of Ashland
Ashland mp 252.0