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Sites referenced from Ohio Rails and Trails

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CPLM Cleveland Public Library
Map Collection. Early 1900's USGS sectional Topographic maps of Ohio. Railroad maps of Ohio from 1800's to the present.

DRP Don's Rail Photos (Don Ross) on Railspot Web Site. Extensive online collection of historic photos. Emphasis on Trolley and Interurban Railways.

ELFL Erie Lackawanna and other Fallen Flag and Short Line Railroad Photos Maintained by George Elwood. Impressive depth of information and photos - scroll down main page to list of railroads or use browser find command. Large collection of operators manuals for diesel locomotives converted to the web with all photos and diagrams.

IRN Iron Roads - Making Tracks Across Nebraska. Part of NEGenWeb. Resources and links to Nebraska railroads and early railroads in general.

LCRM Railroad Maps (Library of Congress American Memory Collection)

MSTS Microsoft Terraserver US Geological Survey (USGS) Topographic Maps of entire United States and aerial photos (imagery) of most areas. All USGS imagery on TerraServer is public domain data and can be linked to from your website.

MRI Morscher's Railroad Images
1977-present: extensive OH,PA,NY,NJ photos, many action shots, large sharp scans.

NRRM National Railroad Museum Greenbay, Wisconsin - U.S. Railroad Station Postcard Collection

OG1910 January 1910 Official Guide of the Railways Reprint.

OhioRR Ohio Railroad Page maintained by Don Narris, Canton, Ohio. Includes short histories and photos of many current and former Ohio Railroads.

OhioRS Ohio Railroad Stations Past and Present
Listed by county, with information about railroad served, current status and links to photos. Maintained by Dan West.

OLHL Ohio Lincoln Highway League
Includes Mike Buettner's "A History and Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway in Ohio" with 72 images, 23 maps, and extensive text.

PaRS Pensylvania Railroad Stations Past and Present
Listed by county, with information about railroad surved, current status and links to photos. Maintained by Dan West.

PRRKC Pensylvania Railroad Keystone Crossing
Extensive web site with history, maps, timetables, photos.

PRRJS The PRR - The Broad Way: A Pennsylvania Railroad Home Page
Mark D. Bej's collection of primary source PRR and government documents scanned or converted to html.

PRRJS The Philadelphia & Erie, Erie & Pittsburgh, and Chautauqua Branches
Jerry Shickler's web site with maps, timetables, and photos of the PRR brances that served Erie, PA.

RA Railroad Anthology and Web Site dedicated to Josef Feigl. Many 19th and early 20th Century works related to railroads (mostly eastern U.S.) have been scanned or converted to text for the web. Early Railroading Bridges

RSHSOh Extant Ohio Railroad/Railway Structures Railroad Station Historical Society Listing by county

RTEL Rich Tubb's Erie Lackawanna Page
Extensive photo collection of depots, towers, structures, motive power, rolling stock.

TOCU Unofficial Home Page of the Toledo and Ohio Central
Engine and car rosters, station lists and timeline. Links to photos on other sites. Maintained by Mark Plank.

UAEL Erie-Lackawanna Railroad (University of Akron Archival Services)

UAELHS Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Historical Society (University of Akron Archival Services)

UACS Canal Society of Ohio (University of Akron Archival Services)

WLEOf Wheeling and Lake Erie Official Website System Map

WLEUn Wheeling and Lake Erie Unofficial Website, Jason Roberts and Chris Toth