Early Newark Map

Founder Map of Newark as first published in the History of Newark 1878, by Joseph Atkinson. Lot 35 belonged to Martin Tichenor and lot 17 was given to Daniel Tichenor, Martin son. It is interesting to note that Daniel decided to obtain land next to his Father and Brother in-laws the Bauldwins, rather than this father.

First Published Map of Newark is dated 1806. The map lists the locations of all the original founders of Newark and talked about the city being known for "its Stone Quarries, Cider, the making of Carriages and Men's and women's shoes in which a third of the inhabitants are constantly employ'd". The picture in the lower left depicts a shoemaker.

Below is the detail of the lot of Martin Tichenor. Note that Martin had a gate to the city named after him and still today their is a Tichenor Street in downtown Newark.

For more information on the founding of Newark check out the excellent web site developed by the Horse Neck Founders, Inc., an association of decedents of Puritans who founded Newark with Martin Tichenor. On this site also read about how in 1701 Martin's son Daniel with 35 other families went on to purchase 13,500 acres west of Newark for $325 (or about 2.5-cents an acre) from Loantique, Taphow, Manshum Indians. Read about it in The Horseneck Purchase.