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Clues to Alma and Annie's Parents

However, I did find three other records that may shed some light on their names:

Once, before the Cherokee land was divided, Alma made an application to the Cherokee Nation to be accepted as an Indian. She said her mother's name was Matt McClure. The application was refused.

Two Arnetts are listed in the book,"Schedule of Awards of Intruders in the Cherokee Nation" by Nancy Sober.

Arnett, Lee is on a list entitled "The United States Board of Appraisers issued as Report No. 316 dated 4 March 1895." Which is a list of persons who did not appear to have their improvements appraised. Arnett, Lee also appeared on the "1893 Cherokee Intruder list".

I thought I had found the missing parent! But this Lee Arnett was listed as 19 years of age, he was white, a farmer, had two in his family and arrived in the nation in 1890. (I assume this means he was 19 in 1893 or 1895). Which means he could not be Alma and Annie's father, but he could have been their brother. If Lee was 19 in 1893/95 he would have been born in 1874-76.

Alma was born in March of 1874........Annie in June of 1876. ---(If 19 in 1893, Lee would have been born in 1874, this conflicts with Alma.) -----(If 19 in 1895, he would have been born in 1874, this conflicts with Annie.)-----Maybe he was born in 1875, that would make him 19 in 1894.

I also found a John Arnett in a different section of Nancy Sober's book, "Improvements in Cherokee Nation with modification Recommended by Office of Indian Affairs." (appraisers' Report Nos. 1 through 315) Dated May 27, 1895, The listing shows;

Appraisers Report #

Name of Claimant

Intruders Role #


John Arnett





No age is listed, He settled the property in Aug. 11, 1886, he did not claim any improvements, nor did the appraiser approve any. John Arnett came to the Cherokee Nation early enough to be Annie's father, but we need more information about him, such as, his age, number in family, etc. to know for sure.

In the meantime there are other clues that can be considered. Annie said she was born in Denison, Texas, in 1876. She also remembers living in El Paso, Texas as a girl. Her sister Alma's census record notes she was born in IT in 1874. This indicates their father moved frequently.

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